The FreightTrain Inspection Request Module (IRM) automates the processing and reporting of construction inspections. Workflow is organized according to the specific requirements of your project. Inspection requests can be created by subcontractors or general contractors. They are then sent to the responsible party for initial quality control evaluation, and when deemed appropriate, are sent to the Inspector of Record (IOR). If the IOR concludes that the item has been completed satisfactorily, it is marked as resolved, otherwise it is sent to the appropriate party for resolution. As with other FreightTrain modules, the IRM results are consolidated on the project's centralized database, can be viewed graphically on a room by room basis through its Visual Fragnet capability, can be used to generate and track construction completion metrics, and can be used as input for FreightTrain Analytics.


Visual Fragnets: FreightTrain provides your project information on easy to read architectural drawings of your building known as Visual Fragnets. These drawings are derived from the original architect's AutoCAD drawings, and are used in the field for at-a-glance status. As part of the setup process, we provide the conversion services to input these architectural drawings into FreightTrain, making the process quick and transparent to your users.

Milestone Inspection Report (MIR): FreightTrain® provides your project with an easy to use milestone tracking metric. The “Milestone Inspection Report”, better known as the “MIR”, will help track the issue resolution and successful completion of any milestone phase during construction. The MIR is also directly linked to correlate with FreightTrain’s Visual Fragnet maps, increasing the clarity of the projects progression.

Location Reference Drawings (LRD): In addition to using the Visual Fragnet mapping tools, FreightTrain also provides a Location Reference Drawing tool that we call the “LRD”. The LRD has been designed to track the more in-depth continuous work and links it to an inspection request. Making tracking of framing, plumbing and HVAC easier and more efficient.

Reports & Analytics: The extensive construction data compiled by FreightTrain provides our customers with an unprecedented ability to view and analyze construction progress. FreightTrain analytics are the tools to access that information. FreightTrain Analytics provide information in several different formats for optimal viewing and interpretations. Our Visual FragnetTM reports show full room layout with color coding to indicate completion status of selected metrics such as in-ceiling inspections, drywall completion, electrical installation status, and any other parameter being tracked by a FreightTrain application. Visual Fragnets give building owners, general contractors and architects a quick, comprehensive view of building status, and enable problems and issues to be quickly identified and addressed. FreightTrain's metrics can be used to track performance over time, to compare actual performance to plan, and project expected completion dates. Among the parameters often graphed are the rate of inspection requests, closures, re-inspections and cancellations, as well as performance by subcontractor and by inspection type. FreightTrain's Boxcar reports can be used to illustrate performance relative to schedule of multiple parameters, and segmented by building areas – by floor or by section. They give an immediate view of construction status, and how it is tracking against plan.


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