Founded in 2002, with an initial focus on the healthcare construction industry, FreightTrain has developed a suite of online construction management tools that revolutionize the management and tracking of large construction projects.

Our clients include some of the largest general contractors, architectural firms, and healthcare delivery companies in the U.S. Our software, now being provided under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, has been used in projects totaling over $10B in scope.

FreightTrain provides you with a dedicated team to set up your project, input data, and ensure that your specific construction procedures are followed. Your data is centrally managed on our dedicated servers, and you’re provided with 24/7, online, web based access, and the ability to quickly view and assess project status and metrics.

Our subscription-based pricing enables you to choose the modules you need, and specify the number of users and the timeframe required for your specific project. You can then add additional modules and capabilities if and when needed.

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